Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry again for the absence. There's a lot going on right now. Between school, Harry Potter, weddings, Harry Potter, work, Harry Potter, and so forth, I have been having a hard time keeping up. However! I have the afternoon off and have reserved the time to post a few things and maybe read some Harry Potter. Have I mentioned that book?

We've moved off a bit from pie's now. Today we did a Linzer Tort, which is such a tasty and easy dish I had to find a home for it right away so I didn't just sit down and eat it all. Linzer dough is only tricky if you have no way to get powdered Hazelnuts. It's one of those pain in the butt specialty items Cub probably won't carry. It's filled with Raspberry jam, whatever you're particular favorite raspberry jam or preserve will work, with a lattice top. It's simple and really, really pretty. I was quite pleased with this.

We also finished up a pan of Baklava that was started yesterday. People are really either heads or tails with this. It's either too sweet for you or it's what your life was missing. I'm rather fond of this desert, but only when I have a cup of coffee with me. I ate half of one of these things and thought my mouth was disintegrating from the sweetness. So! FYI coffee + baklava = Happy!
We also have been in the process of making petit four every chance we get. For those who don't know petit four is used to describe deserts that are no more than 2 bites sized. Our final project will actually be creating a desert platter of various petit four. The entire school is suppose to be invited to sample. The platter has to be designed off of some kind of theme. Some people did birthdays, date night, chocolate, tropical fruit, and so on. I've been kicking around ideas and I have to come up with a tentative theme by Friday. If anyone thinks they might have a good idea for a desert platter theme, please feel free to suggest it! I'm looking for something awesome and creative. No pressure!
Anyway, here's an example of some of the petit four that we've been working on. These are actually pecan diamonds. They are, if possible, even sweeter than pecan pie. I actually put chocolate on top to cut the sweetness.

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