Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I totally have the habit of trying to comfort people with food. When people tell me about hard days they've had or strenuous situations at work, my first inclination is to fix them whatever food stuffs would make them happiest. I've done everything from toast to caramel rolls to homemade pasta. I go a little crazy.

So, when my sister came to me with anxiety about her upcoming birthday being the big 3-0, I promptly jumped into comfort mode. Originally I thought I would just make her a gigantic, fantastic cake. Honestly, I do that every year. Then, without very much thought behind it, I said "why don't I just make you 30 different kinds of chocolates?" As the words came out of my mouth I knew it was a crazy idea, but the series of "o's" that soon became my sisters face meant no turning back. I had made the statement aloud. I had to do it.

Every day off I had for 2 weeks prior to the birthday party, I spent making as many chocolate things as I could handle. Work let me borrow truffle molds for 10 different truffle flavors. There was chocolate babka, 2 kinds of brownies, fudge, cookies etc...I even made Mole and a fantastic chocolate bbq sauce to try and stretch peoples imagination a little.

And, of coarse, the birthday cake. (It did get a little melty in the hot/wet August air)

On the whole, I think it turned out pretty well. I think I made my sisters birthday a little more memorable and a little happier. So maybe when she thinks about turning 30, she'll just remember the miles of chocolate set out for her and think, "turning 3o is awesome!"


Maria said...

30 IS awesome! But my sister is AWESOMER!!! I love you!

JeanS said...

The desire to throw aside the duties of the day and jet to Minneapolis grows stronger by the second! At the very least I will seek out some chocolate in St Louis soon, very soon!
Thanks for sharing.
Jean S.