Friday, May 11, 2007

Bake Sale

Alright. I’ve had it. I really enjoy piping out cakes like a pastry bag, but oh man I’ve got to get these things out of my house! My fridge & freezer over flow'eth with the bounty! It’s insane! It’s so insane that I’m sure loved ones are beginning to avoid me for fear being stuffed with 5 different sugary forms before I let them leave. It isn’t just that I want to get rid of the things, but I am genuinely proud of what I’ve been learning and producing. However, for fear of becoming a social out cast with the dearest of my friends, I’m taking advice from some ingeniously resourceful people and initiating a bake sale.

Every week I’ve brought home some sort of delicious tasty that, through the grace of god, I’ve been able to keep my paws off of. And so various cakes are now sitting in my fridge or freezer, simply dying to find a tummy to call there home.

Below is a list of those things which you can by on the cheap for a pastry chef in training. Most of you should have my number, e-mail address, or a mutual friend by which we can do business. It possible that this will become a weekly posting of goodies stocked up in my kitchen ready to be bought, but we’ll see how this goes.

Ready. Set. GO!

1. French Gingerbread (Pain D'Epices)
Don't be fooled by the familiar 'gingerbread' sign. This is not your Grandma's Christmas specialty. The cake is very similar to American Gingerbread, but it is lighter and drier. Still really tasty, though. Two ready in waiting. $5

2. Old Fashion Gingerbread
THIS is the classic. It's heavier than the French version and has the old familiar molasses flavor. Two yummy loafs available. $5

3. Orange Nut Bread
This is a nice spice cake with a hint of orange flavor and small bits of walnuts. Two of these as well! $5

Carrot/Zucchini Quick Bread
This is a surprisingly good bread. I has a hint of spice and brown sugar. It's a good breakfast treat to get you started. I've got two of these as well. $5

Banana Bread with Chocolate Pieces
This is the old classic. It's a really simple and quick recipe. I always have some old bananas in my freezer for when I get a hankering for this. That's why I've only got one left to sell. Heh. $5
4. Sponge Roll with Ganache
Some people might remember this as a yule log, from christmas past. It's really nice and light. It's even better when it's frozen, it tastes a little like an ice cream sandwich. Only One! $7

5. Chocolate Sponge Roll with Creme Chantilly
This is the opposite of the one above. The filling is very creamy and tasty and I could eat it by the spoonful on it's own. Only One! $7

6. Brown Sugar Spice Cake
This is a good spice cake. It's nice to have on a lazy weekend morning. Very comforting. It has a light sprinkling of powdered sugar icing. Only One! $7

7. Orange Chiffon Cake with Ganache
All I can say is...Oh man. This cake is tasty tasty tasty. I could eat an entire cake on my own and that would be totally fine. YUMMY!! Only One!! 7$
So! There it is. I endorse all these products as totally fabulous and worth the sugar high. Also, most of these will be okay to freeze for a week or two if you have an occasion coming up, but I wouldn't wait too long. You can call or e-mail any time. Also, my sister is available to take orders if that's easier for you. Thanks so much for your support and reading my rants and raves. Live fast, eat sugar!