Monday, May 7, 2007

The Time of the Egg

Oh Good LORD! I have never cracked so many eggs in one sitting in my life! Today was just eggs everywhere. We did a Chocolate Chiffon Cake, a Genoise Mousseline Cake, and a Lemon Sponge Roll. For example, let me point out that the Genoise Mousseline has in it 10 ounces of whole eggs and two egg yolks. That’s eight eggs right there. Just for that cake. Not to mention the fact that I inadvertently COMPLETELY FORGOT TO ADD THE SUGAR. Hem. Which means the freaking thing turned out hard as a rock, flat as a pancake, and lumpy-[disgusting analogy here]? It was no good. Luckily, I figured out that I’d forgotten this most major of all ingredients as soon as I put the abomination in the oven. So I quickly made another one, cracking eight more eggs to add to the empty shell pile.

The Sponge Roll was the only thing that was actually completed, thus it is the only visual you get for the day. :P It turned out well. Not difficult at all. It’s just… it’s lemon…Egh. I don’t mean to offend people of the tart-ed tongue persuasion, I'm just not fond of the flavor as the star actor. It’s always seemed like more of a really important supporting character that you don’t always notice, but the plot would fall right through the earth if they weren’t there. That’s what lemon is to me. I just made it look as pretty as I could.

I do enjoy the Sponge Roll, though. It's freak'n easy. Tomorrow we’re supposed to make it with a chocolate ganache filling. I’ll be more responsive then. :)