Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Do Doctors Know?!

A few months ago, a study came out that said that garlic actually isn’t good for your heart. Well, it isn’t BAD for you heart, but it doesn’t quite contain the magical saving quality your mother told you about. I have to say I was disappointed when I read about this because I love garlic almost to the point of obsession. We go through one head of garlic a week. Then it occurred to me; you know what, they are WRONG!! I find garlic is very good for my heart. I have fun smashing and cutting it up, which makes me smile, which is good for my heart. When I’m making something with a lot of garlic in it, I get excited and, yes, sometimes jump around. This is also good for my heart. Those silly medical studies think they know everything. Frankly, I think this particular study is rubbish. Garlic is good for you. Eat LOTS of it!

The reason for this rant is that I made a fabulous Herb Focaccia. It is a surprisingly simple recipe. You just have to want it bad enough to put in the effort of kneading and waiting and forming and waiting and baking and waiting. The Focaccia I made today is totally worth it, and not just because I’m being graded on it. Reason: Well, there are two, yes two, full heads of garlic roasted, smashed into paste, and spread over it. This is where it’s at. The bread is layered with olive oil, garlic paste, fresh rosemary, and tomato slices. It makes one of the best lunches I’ve had in years. The mix of tomatoes with the spices plus the soft, thick bread, makes you feel like you’re eating pizza, but oh! so much better. If any of you feel so inclined. I really recommend making this; it’s a great addition to an Italian dinner or as an appetizer.

This stuff is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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