Saturday, May 19, 2007


Okay. Okay. The Bake Sale was a bust. I have to say I didn’t really put much stock in it. I can’t even give the stuff away. *sigh* That’s okay. I know where some Americorps people hang out. If they won’t eat it then…well, then I’ve just failed as a baker.

Anyway! The exceedingly large amount of food will become less of an issue now. The corporate office for Le Cordon Bleu has decided that students are no longer allowed to take food home for fear of food poisoning. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I am greatly, GREATLY upset by this. Some student, some where took home some food and gave someone food poisoning. I don’t know the particulars of the situation, but corporate has freaked and froze all outgoing food. Excuse me but, isn’t that why our first order of business is a food safety course!?! One: We are students, and we are going to mess things up on occasion, but this is why we have an entire course dedicated to lessen that possibility! It seems like a matter of trust and faith in your students. If you don’t have faith in the competence of your students that YOU are teaching, then your school has a problem. Two: We PAID for this food. It is part of what are tuition pays for. It is our food. It is our product. It is our responsibility. If they would like us to sign a waiver that says if someone gets sick, they can’t be sued. FINE! I know we’d all be willing to do that. Three: Technically this new rule states that not only can we not take the food home. We cannot even take the food from the classroom. Our classes have a long standing tradition of sharing food fairly often, but now that’s supposed to be against policy. So you know where the 20-21 cakes, breads, and cookies are going to go now? TRASH! Whatever we don’t eat, will get throw away. How totally unacceptable that is? Do you know how many people in these cities alone that go hungry every night? It makes me sick to my stomach how much food is due to be wasted if this policy holds.

So! With that, the student council has begun work on a petition. I don’t know how much help it will be, but it’s important that corporate is aware of how IDIOTIC this policy is and that it should stop!! Thanks much for listening to me rant. I’ll keep you updated. In the mean time, here’s a practice round of my plate decorating lesson. It’s a Baba cake with raspberry & cream sauce. Enjoy!


Maria said...

I will sign any petition. I will sign it in different handwriting, under several different names. I will sign and sign and sign until my valuable hands are useless to make this not be true.

Also, this cake is beautiful!

Also, you are obsessed with raspberries! :)

The Beginner said...

Raspberries are good for you!

Joel said...

Stupid corporate people. I hate when they do that for 'fraid of sue-ment(the act of being sued, defined by joel). Hopefully they do let you signing something. That should make those silly lawyers happy.