Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cake Decorating

I could do this all day. Cake decorating appeals to my meticulous nature. I remember more than one occasion where my sister would yell at me for spreading the cream cheese on my bagel so evenly. I could never eat it until the cheese was even and smooth across the entire bagel. She laughed at me. *Sigh*I still have to do this! It bugs me! Little did we know that this was something of a seed for the growth of obsessions to come. I must say, the trait has been handy today. We’re beginning practice on butter cream frosting, which takes a surprising amount of finesse. Mainly because a major ingredient of the frosting is a sugar/water syrup that you must pour into fluffed egg yolks while keeping them inflated and not splatter 240 degree boiling syrup everywhere. Finesse. The main problem for the entire class was splattering, either that or making a sugar nest across the whip.

As with everything, I’ll get better with practice. I can’t wait for practice. This part is better for me anyway. It’s harder for a sample from a cake to go unnoticed. No more of “I’ll just have one piece to make sure it’s tastes good.”